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For thousands of years, people in cultures all around the world have used sound to help connect themselves with the sacred. Of all the sacred sound tools, the Tibetan singing bowl stands out as one of the most powerful and beautiful tools for connecting to spirit. As an avid collector of rare, antique singing bowls and as a singing bowl healing practitioner, I have found singing bowls to be one of the most useful tools in allowing healing of the body, mind, and spirit to occur.

We are pleased to offer you some of the finest authentic antique singing bowls, Buddhist ritual items, and Himalayan artifacts in the world. Each singing bowl on this web site is accompanied by a short description and sound sample that allows you to see the actual bowl you are buying and to listen to its unique sound characteristics—its spirit. All the bowls we offer on this site are approximately 100 to 400 years old. My supplier is unequaled at finding the best quality singing bowls in the world.

Only antique singing bowls provide harmonic richness, tonal complexity, and beautiful depth of sound. Here you will find many varieties, shapes, and sizes of finely made antique singing bowls. Each bowl is unique. All the singing bowls are of the highest quality. They will work beautifully for healing, meditation, and relaxation. The singing bowls will bring a sense of peace and well being into your life. We also have a rare collectors quality selection offering some of the world’s finest singing bowls.

Please contact us by email or phone so we can help satisfy your particular needs. If you can’t find the right singing bowl listed on our site, rest assured; we have hundreds of other exceptional, high quality sings bowls available. Browse our site, look at the bowls, listen to the bowls, and let us find the right singing bowl for you.