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The Tibetan singing bowl has been shrouded in myth and mystery throughout the ages and even during recent times. Even the name Tibetan singing bowl is a misnomer that has continued even to this day. Antique singing bowls were not only made in Tibet, but throughout the Himalayan region. According to renown singing bowl expert Dr. Mitch Nur, Ph.D, ( most old singing bowls originated in Nepal and India, although antique bowls have been known to have been made from as far as Afghanistan to Burma. Another misnomer is that they were made from the sacred "seven metal alloy,". As far as can be known there has been no definitive proof that this was in truth the fact. The most plausible belief is that they were made of between 3 to 12 metal alloys, and that the metal alchemist used what ever metals were available in the particular region. Even more astonishing is the myth that singing bowls are Buddhist in origin. Many experts, including Dr. Nur, believe that singing bowls most likely originated in northeast and eastern Tibet, where fire cults existed among the Ch'iang tribes of Northeastern Tibet and the Naxi in eastern Tibet. These cultures had extensive knowledge and experience in metallurgy and the practice of shamanic rituals and techniques. It's most likely that singing bowls were used in shamanic rituals, for healing, shamanic journeying, storytelling, exorcism and maybe even the use of sound as an anti-gravity tool. These shamanic alchemists, were of the Bon animistic religion, which emphasized sacred sound in their spiritual practices. After Buddhism replaced the Bon as the main religion in Tibet in 12 century A.D., the singing bowl has been associated with Buddhism. The use of the singing bowl in Buddhist ritual practices has been held in upmost secrecy. It has been rumored that only the highest Lamas use and have knowledge about their specific uses in certain Buddhist rituals and practices. What we do know is that these marvelous instruments with their harmonious vibrations have the ability to take us out of ourselves, our ego, and bring peace and harmony to our body, mind and spirit. They have the ability to put us into alpha or theta brainwave states that allow us to access a quiet, peaceful state of mind, which oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gaynor believes has a powerful healing effect on our bodies, mind and spirit.