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The Folklore of Tibetan thogchags or Thokcha is filled with legends and mysteries and steeped in myths. The term thogchag comes from the combination of the Tibetan thog, "sky" or "thunder", and icag, "iron." The Tibetans believe that thogchags have magical powers and are able to dispel evils, prevent natural disasters, thunderbolts, and protect one from evil forces and to bring good luck. Thogchags have been worn as talismans and worshipped as sacred objects . Thogchags were believed to have healing properties and were often prescribed by shamans and practitioners in accordance with Tibetan medicine. The antique thogchags offered here are guaranteed authentic and are beautiful examples of this sacred artform.

In this section we are pleased to offer you some of the finest examples of antique Himalayan artifacts and relics. From antique shamans' masks to old wooden guardian spirits, these authentic relics from forgotten cultures are quickly disappearing as the old cultures have been assimilated by the massive population influx in what once were isolated thriving animistic cultures. These cultures no longer exist. These types of artifacts are some of the last remaining remnants of their leagacy.